Steven A. Kronenberg

Steven A. Kronenberg

Steven A. Kronenberg is an attorney with The Veen Firm, P.C., and works on the Label Trial Team. His practice helps the catastrophically injured (particularly those who have suffered food-related injuries and damages), protects consumers (through class-action claims arising from food fraud, false advertising, and defective products) and safeguards employees’ rights (including restaurant staff and food processing workers). He has more than a decade of experience litigating complex matters from their inception through trial and appeal. He founded the Food Law Practice Group at his former defense firm and publishes
articles on these issues in trade journals and For more information, visit

Articles written by this author:

“Natural” food and artificial injustice

Where should a fair food-liability standard rest? The author says “with a jury”

Steven A. Kronenberg

2013 August

Food processing — A dangerous place to work

The machinery used to process food products may present products liability opportunities in addition to the WC remedy

Steven A. Kronenberg

2014 August

Food safety: Records help identify target defendants and trigger insurance coverage

How records from food manufacturers and the FDA can be used in cases involving foodborne illness

Steven A. Kronenberg

2015 August

Tip of the iceberg: Tip skimming is an underreported problem

Class actions may arise out of management skimming off all or part of tips left for service employees

Steven A. Kronenberg

2016 June

Gagging on gig-economy food delivery

Some food-delivery companies bring home a bad deal for their workers and the public

Steven A. Kronenberg

2017 July