2016 September

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Avoid being burned by a burning limits policy

Avoid being burned by a burning limits policy

If the costs of a defense come out of the policy limit, you need to know that early in the case

Alexandra A. Hamilton

2016 September

The loss-settlement provision in a homeowner’s insurance policy: It matters

A look at claims payments for loss of dwellings and personal property, including calculations for replacement cost, actual-cash-value and depreciation

Evangeline Grossman

2016 September

Yes, you can mediate bad-faith cases

Understanding the level of misconduct and making an appropriate demand when the case is ripe for settlement

Arnie Levinson

2016 September

When religion gets in the way of health care

Health Care Sharing Ministries still exist owing to a religious exemption in Obamacare, but when it is time to pay claims, they swear they are not insurers

David Lilienstein
Jessica Cho

2016 September

Bad faith: Revisiting an insurer’s affirmative duty to settle

Absent a settlement demand, insurers have no duty to present a settlement offer where a verdict is likely to exceed the policy limit

Charles Miller

2016 September

ERISA as zombie apocalypse

ERISA as zombie apocalypse

When a long-term disability claim is denied, the procedural limitations of ERISA litigation will baffle those seeking recompense

Rebecca Grey

2016 September

Helping just feels good

Taking an insurance carrier to task for wrongdoing is satisfying – even if you don’t get paid

Chuck Geerhart

2016 September

That’s not our policy

Lessons learned from the bad-faith front lines

Miles B. Cooper

2016 September

Appellate Reports and Shorter Takes

Baral v. Schnitt — Substantially broadens the scope of the anti-SLAPP statute by holding that it can be used to attack allegations of constitutionally protected activity

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2016 September

Profile: Monique Olivier

For this lawyer, advocacy has been – and continues to be – a life endeavor

2016 September

What are you doing here?

Coverage counsel in third-party litigation: When to bring them in and what to expect

Michael Gatto
Demian Oksenendler

2016 September

Unum revisited

Based upon a recent deposition and trial, the disability insurer discredited a decade ago by fraud and bad-faith suits may be up to some of its old tricks

Terrence J. Coleman

2016 September

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