Bruce Fagel

Bruce Fagel

Bruce G. Fagel, M.D., graduated from the University of Illinois (1972), and was licensed to practice medicine: Illinois, 1973; California 1975. He received his JD at Whittier College (1982). Dr. Fagel is a regularly invited speaker before organizations of attorneys, physicians, and hospitals nationally and internationally, and has been interviewed by CBS, ABC, NBC and various media affiliates. Featured in “The Best Lawyers in America.

Articles written by this author:

Medical-malpractice cases should focus on the facts, not the experts

Don’t let the defense make your experts the focus of the case. Make jurors first focus on the facts that are in dispute and then weigh experts’ opinions

Bruce Fagel

2011 March

Mediating medical-malpractice cases

Top ten practical tips for resolving medical-negligence cases at mediation

Bruce Fagel

2011 April

Three recurring themes in medical malpractice and catastrophic brain injury

In health care, everything is important and nothing is “not” important. There is no auto-pilot mode

Bruce Fagel

2011 October

Medical malpractice: Beyond the discovery “three step”

Putting a case in context for the jury requires finding background information that supports your theory of liability and your expert witnesses

Bruce Fagel

2012 March

Damages in medical-malpractice cases under MICRA

Evaluating the case as to the class of damages is critical to the decision of whether to take the case

Bruce Fagel

2013 March

The Collateral Source Rule under the Affordable Care Act

The need to prevent a double discount of plaintiff’s future medical-care cost damages

Bruce Fagel

2014 January

Analyzing and prosecuting medical malpractice cases

Accepting a med-mal case and staying focused on the most important aspects of proving the negligence

Bruce Fagel

2014 November

The medical expert witness in malpractice cases

A look at the strategy of deposing and examining medical experts

Bruce Fagel

2015 November

Medical-malpractice damages after the <em>Cuevas</em> case

Medical-malpractice damages after the Cuevas case

The new case defense counsel will use against you

Bruce Fagel