Chuck Geerhart

Chuck Geerhart

Chuck Geerhart is a founding partner of Paoli & Geerhart, was admitted to the California bar in 1989, and is a graduate of Cornell University and the UCLA Law School. Chuck has tried 16 cases to jury verdict. He has also sat as a juror in three cases in San Francisco County. In addition to his active practice representing injured people, he regularly sits as a judge pro tem of the San Francisco Superior Court and is a court-appointed arbitrator and settlement mediator. He also conducts private mediations and arbitrations. 

Articles written by this author:

Anatomy of a trial victory

The author shows how to handle a case with “a bone to pick”

Chuck Geerhart

2012 August

Don’t get beaten up by an assault case

How to decide whether to take on these challenging cases, and a game plan for when you do

Chuck Geerhart

2014 June

Why become a judge pro tem?

JPTs perform a critical role in the new world of Discovery Law and Motion that has been born of declining court budgets

Chuck Geerhart
Michele R. Wolf

2015 October

Helping just feels good

Taking an insurance carrier to task for wrongdoing is satisfying – even if you don’t get paid

Chuck Geerhart

2016 September

When an expert witness is <em>not</em> needed

When an expert witness is not needed

Strategies for proving medical damages in smaller cases using the treating physician

Chuck Geerhart

2017 April