David Cook

David Cook

David J. Cook has been practicing in the collection of debts and enforcement of judgment for nearly 46 years.  He represents Fred Goldman in his quest to recover his historical judgment against O.J. Simpson.  Over many years, David has advised and assisted many trial attorneys in the collection of many large dollar judgments.  His email address says all:  Cook@Squeezebloodfromturnip.com.

Articles written by this author:

Embezzlements: Theft of the $1 million settlement

Look in your own backyard if there’s money missing

David Cook

2012 August

When the garden hose is the insurance policy

What’s the call when damages exceed policy limits but defendant has assets?

David Cook

2010 January

Turning the sow’s ear into the silk purse – finding gold in the empty judgment

Old cases become a flashpoint when money lands at the debtor’s doorstep

David Cook

2011 September

When the attorney endorses the client’s name to the settlement check

Upon learning that his attorney has forged the endorsement on a settlement check and the money is now gone, the client has multiple options for redress

David Cook

2011 October

When the PI plaintiff files bankruptcy but fails to schedule the lawsuit

Here’s a situation to be avoided and a look at the likely consequences

David Cook

2012 March

Private credit transactions – your nose knows

Before you invest your fee from a large award, give the deal a smell test

David Cook

2012 June

Collecting on large-dollar judgments

Money disappears when a PI judgment is entered. Collecting the judgment begins with detective work to identify assets

David Cook

2012 July

Read the lease — for your office and that copier

You don’t have much choice but to rent an office; leasing equipment is a different story

David Cook

2012 September

Prejudgment remedies in tort cases

When and how the plaintiff in a tort action can attach the assets of the defendant

David Cook

2013 February

Who are you?

The importance of having named the right entity in your complaint when it comes time to collect the judgment

David Cook

2013 April


When does a demand letter rise to the level of blackmail?

David Cook

2013 June

Paper terrorism in your mailbox

Could an angry defendant come after you personally?

David Cook

2013 December

Putting teeth into your settlement agreement

If you’re not settling with an insurer, focus on getting paid without further litigation

David Cook

2014 February

Forebearance: Buying time

Bisno may be an earthquake for judgment debtors, but if your plaintiff becomes a judgment creditor, take heed

David Cook

2014 October

Litigation financing: Risk vs. reward

Litigation financing: Risk vs. reward

Necessity is the mother of a litigation loan. Be smart about it and read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line for a loan

David Cook

2016 May