Edward J. Imwinkelried

Bio as of January 2008:

Ed Imwinkelried is the Edward L. Barrett, Jr. Professor of Law and Director of Trial Advocacy at the University of California, Davis, School of Law. He is a former chair of the Evidence Section of the American Association of Law Schools. He is the coauthor of Scientific Evidence (4th ed. 2007) and McCormick, Evidence (6th ed. 2006). He is the author of Evidentiary Foundations (6th ed. 2005) and The New Wigmore: Evidentiary Privileges (2002). He has lectured on evidence and trial advocacy in 46 states.

Articles written by this author:

The danger of exposure to the Internet

Care must be taken when presenting computer data in court to make sure alteration has not taken place through exposure to the Internet

Mike Cherry
Edward J. Imwinkelried

2008 January