Gary Simms

Gary Simms

Gary Simms was a senior judicial attorney at the California Supreme Court for almost nine years for former Justice David Eagleson and then current Justice Marvin Baxter. Simms is certified as an appellate specialist by the State Bar of California’s Board of Legal Specialization. Since leaving the Supreme Court, he has represented plaintiffs on appeal in the California Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and appellate courts in Oregon and Texas. Simms serves on the Amicus Curiae Committee of the Consumer Attorneys of California and has been named a Northern California Super Lawyer for several years. Simms has offices in Davis, California and Ashland, Oregon. He can be contacted at

Articles written by this author:

Supreme Court puts plaintiffs through the Hamilton Meats grinder

Many questions remain unanswered for personal-injury plaintiffs

Gary Simms
Michael Danko

2011 November

In Re Finkler: “Too Strange for Fiction”

A colorful tale of the California judiciary and an unusual take on “Where there is a will, there is a way”

Gary Simms

2012 August

Know your appellate judges – tailor your argument

“Know your audience” is never more important than in the California appellate courts

Gary Simms

2012 December

“Tell me a story”

Even an appellate judge wants a good story with emotional appeal

Gary Simms

2013 December

Amicus briefs

“Friends” with unfriendly facts

Gary Simms

2014 December

Independent factual research by the bench

A look at judges’ use of the internet for independent research on non-legal information

Gary Simms

2016 December

Helping appellate courts see – not just read – your case

Exhibits can be vital to your appeal. Here’s when and how to submit them to the court

Gary Simms

2018 October