Jeremy Cloyd

Jeremy Cloyd

Jeremy Cloyd is a member of the Label Trial Team at The Veen Firm, P.C. He litigates complex catastrophic injury cases involving negligence, wrongful death, products liability and industrial accidents.

Articles written by this author:

Limiting a defendant to a single new trial motion

California courts attempt to limit new trial motions to prevent interminable trials from clogging the courtrooms

Jeremy Cloyd

2011 July

Sanctions – To ask or not to ask: That is the question

The award of sanctions has often seemed arbitrary. Two recent decisions should help put the uncertainty to rest

Andje Medina
Jeremy Cloyd

2012 June

My dog ate your evidence: Shifting the burden of proof in premises-liability cases

A burden shift may occur if there has been a misuse of the defendant’s superior control over evidence

Jeremy Cloyd

2012 July

Bad parenting does not always equal tort liability

California law may limit parental liability for harms their children cause

Jeremy Cloyd

2013 July

“Fair” warning: How to traverse a products-liability pitfall

A case of failure-to-warn: Corbo v. Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing Company

Jeremy Cloyd
William Veen

2013 November

Walk like it’s safe

“They were not paying attention.” Using CACI 411 and a pedestrian’s reasonable expectation of safety

Jeremy Cloyd

2014 July

Anatomy of a scaffolding case

Liability often focuses on witnesses to prove why the scaffolding failed

Jeremy Cloyd

2016 July