Nancy Neal Yeend

Nancy Neal Yeend

As of February 2019:

Nancy Neal Yeend is a dispute management strategist and mediator. As a strategist she designs programs to reduce workplace conflict. She founded of The End Strategy (TES) in Portland, Oregon and mediates pre-suit, trial and appellate cases. Nancy has served as National Judicial College faculty for nearly 25 years.



Articles written by this author:

Avoiding communication disasters

It pays to know which language style is understood the best – whether you are the speaker or the listener

Nancy Neal Yeend

2013 January

Beware the “Hallelujah!” mediator

Accepting a mediator without understanding their training, experience, style and methodology can cause you to lose control of your case

Nancy Neal Yeend

2012 September

Including an expert in mediation

An expert in a complex matter can be helpful in resolving a matter in mediation more quickly

Nancy Neal Yeend

2013 June

A case for early mediation

Less can be more when a faster settlement produces a more satisfied client

Nancy Neal Yeend

2014 September

Psychogeography and mediation

Where you sit at the table, the shape of that table and the temperature of the room can impact the outcome of the negotiation

Nancy Neal Yeend

2015 September

The Superheroes of Facts, Evidence and Logic enter the fray over legal malpractice protection in mediation

Laws that continue to protect attorney misconduct during mediation need to be changed

Nancy Neal Yeend

2015 November

Why women attorneys are healthier than men

The law can be an isolating profession – even more of a reason for friends as social safety nets

Nancy Neal Yeend

2016 March

The mediator’s proposal

Do you expect a proposal from the mediator? Is the proposal a tool, or a crutch?

Nancy Neal Yeend

2016 August

Fly on the wall

Fly on the wall

7 observations on both mistakes and smart moves that attorneys make in mediation

Nancy Neal Yeend

2017 January

Reading between the lines

A primer on understanding non-verbal communication cues in mediation

Nancy Neal Yeend

2017 August

Three key factors to successful negotiation

They are so obvious, yet so often overlooked by attorneys

Nancy Neal Yeend

2017 November

So, you want to be a mediator

Should you even be a mediator? And practical advice on beginning your practice if you decide to try

Nancy Neal Yeend

2018 July

Settlements: What could go wrong?

The devil really is in all the details of the settlement agreement

Nancy Neal Yeend
David Gordon

2018 October

An apology

Can it help or hinder a settlement?

Nancy Neal Yeend

2019 March