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Articles written by this author:

Trials and tribulations: A profile of Oakland trial lawyer J. Gary Gwilliam

A childhood of hard times leads to a life of alcohol abuse until a spiritual awakening changes this hard-charging plaintiff's lawyer

Stephen Ellison

2008 April

Public Justice: Redefining the idea of teamwork in the courtroom

Standing for Truth, and Justice, and the American Way is more than just a catchphrase

Stephen Ellison

2008 June

Lawyers at leisure: “Back away from the desk!”

Here’s a look at some of the more interesting after-hours activities pursued by legal minds

Stephen Ellison

2009 March

Why AAJ moved its convention

AAJ decides to avoid political clash in San Diego; relocates convention to San Francisco

Stephen Ellison

2009 June

Medical liens: Necessary evil or litigation advantage?

The economy, the Supreme Court and HMOs combine to accelerate the use of medical liens in personal injury cases

Stephen Ellison

2013 April

Reporting for duty

Track down all the incident reports, videos and maybe even a witness to better understand what happened

Stephen Ellison

2016 October

Profile: RJ Waldsmith

From To Kill a Mockingbird to finding success through technology, teamwork and a passion for helping clients

Stephen Ellison

2016 December

Profile: Anne Costin

Profile: Anne Costin

Employment law specialist, she fosters a nontraditional relationship with clients as she continues to fight for them as a solo practitioner

Stephen Ellison

2017 January

Profile: Joseph Brent

The former prosecutor enjoys challenge of tough liability cases

Stephen Ellison

2017 February

Profile: Claude Wyle

35-year veteran thrives on holding bullies accountable while remaining human

Stephen Ellison

2017 March

Profile: Karine Bohbot and Elizabeth Riles

It’s all about symmetry for this pair of employment lawyers at the top of their game

Stephen Ellison

2017 April

Profile: Rene Turner Sample

Influenced by her strong faith and personal family struggles, lifelong Fresno resident keeps her focus on the client’s best interest and keeps her ego out of it

Stephen Ellison

2017 May

Profile: Nina Shapirshteyn

Ukrainian immigrant cherished her chance at success in the U.S. and developed a passion for products-liability cases

Stephen Ellison


Profile: Kevin Morrison

Shrewd, passionate trial lawyer embraces challenges in the courtroom and on the bike

Stephen Ellison

2017 July

Profile: Wes Lowe

Insurance bad-faith specialist follows his passion, not the money, to success

Stephen Ellison

2017 August

Profile: Leslie Levy

Thinking outside the confines of law-school teachings helped jump-start a long, successful career for this civil rights advocate

Stephen Ellison

2017 September

Profile: Scott Righthand

Personal injury specialist refuses to back down, even when faced with improbable odds; still takes med-mal “250 cases” when the client “gets to me”

Stephen Ellison

2017 October

Profile: Karen Carrera

Immigrant from Peru draws on personal experience to ensure Latinos are treated fairly in employment and housing

Stephen Ellison

2017 November

Profile: Theo Emison

Fourth-generation lawyer from rural Tennessee makes his own way in the big city

Stephen Ellison

2017 December

Profile: Bill McDevitt

A blue-collar upbringing provides personal-injury attorney with motivation to level the playing field

Stephen Ellison

2018 January

Profile: Brian Gearinger

Third-generation attorney comes full circle with his solo plaintiff law practice

Stephen Ellison

2018 February

Profile: Chantel Fitting

She hates to lose, but it happens when you take cases that other PI attorneys won’t touch

Stephen Ellison

2018 March

Profile: Boone Callaway

He never set out to be a med-mal lawyer – and then that Kaiser case landed on his desk and he was hooked

Stephen Ellison

2018 April

Profile: Chris Viadro

Practicing law wasn’t what he had hoped for, until losing a job led to his “light-bulb moment”

Stephen Ellison

2018 May

Profile: P. Bobby Shukla

Profile: P. Bobby Shukla

Indian-Brazilian immigrant overcomes barriers to establish herself as a top advocate in employment law

Stephen Ellison

2018 June

Profile: Andje Medina

“You have to have faith and follow your heart” — and become fully invested in your clients

Stephen Ellison

2018 July

Profile: Jayme Walker

Young partner at old firm makes her mark in employment law

Stephen Ellison

2018 August

Profile: Khaldoun Baghdadi

“Make sure the focus is on the client and not on you, because it’s not about you.”

Stephen Ellison

2018 September

Profile: Mark Burton

Whether it’s suing Uber over employment status or proving that the weed killer Roundup causes cancer, he thrives in complex litigation

Stephen Ellison

2018 October

Profile: Jonathan Davis

Former labor union rep goes all in as a ‘proactive’ lawyer for the underdog

Stephen Ellison

2018 November

Profile: Rachel Abrams

Would-be marine biologist uses her scientific expertise to litigate against Big Pharma, medical-device firms

Stephen Ellison

2018 December

Profile: Rick Baskin

Profile: Rick Baskin

Trial lawyer helps people shake the blues before he hits the stage to play them

Stephen Ellison

2019 January

Profile: Lexi Hazam

Multidistrict litigator stares down Big Pharma, others with help from her anthropological background

Stephen Ellison

2019 February

Profile: Bryan Schwartz

Employment law specialist has a keen ability to put himself in his clients’ shoes

Stephen Ellison

2019 March

Profile: Seth Rosenberg

A knack for engaging, listening to and helping people. And winning big verdicts by focusing on key issues

Stephen Ellison

2019 April