Ted Pelletier

Ted Pelletier

Ted W. Pelletier runs the appellate and writing department at Kazan, McClain, Satterley and Greenwood in Oakland. Prior to joining the Kazan firm in 2013, he handled appeals and motions for over a decade through the Law Office of Ted W. Pelletier, representing plaintiffs/consumers in cases involving many subject matters. He is a member of CAOC, SFTLA, and ACCTLA.

Articles written by this author:

Persuasive legal writing starts with knowing the reader

With every brief, every motion, every opposition we file, we are trying to persuade the judge to act in our favor

Ted Pelletier

2014 December

Persuasive legal writing succeeds when you help the reader

Tips to get your brief read (“by the Court” is implied – you don’t need it)

Ted Pelletier

2016 May

Two can play at that game

Demurrers are not just for defendants: Using the demurrer to neutralize meritless answers and affirmative defenses

Ted Pelletier
Laurel Halbany

2018 December