2011 November

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Lights and cameras; Tweets and Google

With TV cameras in the courtroom, cutting off jurors from Web searches and social media is proving more difficult

Anayat Durrani

2011 November

When the defendant complains to the court that you have too many experts

In highly technical cases like products liability, issues often arise about multiple experts in overlapping areas of expertise

Eustace de Saint Phalle

2011 November

The pincer move

With more than one defendant at trial, the enemy of your enemy might be your friend

Miles B. Cooper

2011 November

The Big Four defense strategies in products-liability cases

Blame the state of the technology, the plaintiff, his employer or a component manufacturer

Larry Booth

2011 November

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiffs’ bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2011 November

Profile: Barbara and Therese Lawless

Daughters of a law school dean, this sister act brings a passion for trial work to employment law

2011 November

When customer lists are not trade secrets

Making the case of whether a former employee has unlawfully solicited former customers

Barbara Lawless
Tanisha Shafer

2011 November

Mediation in the woodshed

Navigating the jurisdictional dilemma

Jeffrey Krivis

2011 November

When your law partnership isn’t working

Resolving partnership issues through executive coaching and mediation rather than litigation

Deana Kardel

2011 November

Supreme Court puts plaintiffs through the Hamilton Meats grinder

Many questions remain unanswered for personal-injury plaintiffs

Gary Simms
Michael Danko

2011 November

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