2012 January

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Appellate Reports and cases in brief

Recent cases of interest to members of the plaintiffs’ bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2012 January

Law firms get app happy

Could an app be an effective marketing tool for your firm? Would it generate repeated use?

Anayat Durrani

2012 January

Perception is reality

Social networking has changed the rules of the game. Your goal is to make sure your footprint is uniform and positive and consistent with how you present in real life

Miles B. Cooper

2012 January

Profile: Chuck Geerhart

“With us, it’s our client’s only case. We have a much more personal connection.”

2012 January

Navigating California courts’ complex-case departments

Various California counties have different procedures for litigating complex cases

Jonathan Gertler
Dan Gildor

2012 January

Love and marriage

Testing the limits of marital privileges in civil plaintiffs’ lawsuits

Anthony Label

2012 January

The crystal ball of mediation: Predicting success at trial

How accurate is the mediator in his or her basic judgment?

Jeffrey Krivis

2012 January

Adapting class actions

Putting the Wal-Mart v. Dukes decision in context: While there are new roadblocks to class certification, there are possible ways around them

Brian S. Kabateck

2012 January

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