2015 May

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The cost of a life-care plan

The future cost of a life-care plan is not as simple as adding up the costs in today’s dollars

Joseph T. Crouse

2015 May

Does the accident-reconstruction expert’s work measure up?

Solis v. Southern California RTD provides a checklist for the quality of accident-reconstruction work

Albert G. Stoll, Jr.

2015 May


Reasons we must litigate more “Minor Impact Soft Tissue” cases, but choose carefully.

Miles B. Cooper

2015 May

Seatbelts in School Buses

Shoulder-lap belts are required in newer California school buses. Shouldn’t all children be protected?

Larry Booth

2015 May

Technology & automotive transportation: The future is now

Technology & automotive transportation: The future is now

Imagine that your cross-town drive time is cut in half and so are vehicle accidents — with a robot at the wheel!

Christopher Dolan

2015 May

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Amis v. Greenberg Traurig LLP confirms that all communications during mediation are subject to the mediation privilege

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2015 May

Liability disputed

Critical steps to take when no one is taking responsibility for the auto accident

Philip Layfield
Kimberly H. Whang

2015 May

9-9-8: It’s the combination

Learn the unlock code for CCP 998 and you will not only gain settlement clout but prevent loss of your judgment dollars from defendant’s post-trial motions

Kevin Lancaster

2015 May

“Everyone is online, and everyone is vulnerable”

Protecting our digital lives is our own responsibility

Rebecca Hirsch

2015 May

Profile: Kathleen Lucas

Oklahoma school teacher turned employment lawyer says find good cases and prepare each one as if it’s going to trial

2015 May

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