2007 October

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Make yourself famous. . . or “famouser”

Wooing the media can bring great rewards, but first understand the rules of the game

Geri Wilson

2007 October

Admissibility of computer documents at trial

From Web pages to corporate e-mail, California offers procedures for the admission of electronic evidence

Shirley Watkins
Jin Lew

2007 October

Finding and researching experts’ online resources

Online resources can help you find experts, assess the admissibility of their testimony and, yes, impeach them

Jim Robinson

2007 October

Risk-oriented mediation

This process provides a reality test and a business focus, helping to move clients away from emotional positions

Alexander Polsky

2007 October

California lawmakers abandon homeowners facing foreclosure

Plaintiffs’ attorneys can help desperate homeowners by persuading mortgage servicers to transform predatory loans into sustainable ones

Michele Magar

2007 October

Can this witness be saved from the “Magic List”?

Preparing your client for a deposition should involve productive role play, not a lecture

Katherine James

2007 October

Voir dire in a nutshell

Conducting the voir dire can be maximized by following five steps

Lois Heaney

2007 October

Voir dire: The right preparation allows you to be “in the moment” with jurors

A successful voir dire environment allows the attorney to be genuine and jurors to share themselves openly

Joane Garcia-Colson

2007 October

How to pick a plaintiff jury by nonverbal indicators

Body language often tells more than words. Add some nonverbal indicators to your ideal juror profile

Constance Bernstein

2007 October

Using focus groups for today’s jurors

Low-cost focus groups done early in a case can lead you to a story that resonates with jurors

J. Jude Basile

2007 October

Working with juries: Can you go too far?

Appellate court sets some boundaries for closing argument

Donna Bader

2007 October

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