2013 December

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The Affordable Care Act and settlement planning

Plaintiffs with disabilities may require a Special Needs Trust to preserve eligibility for Medi-Cal or to qualify for government-subsidized health insurance under ACA.

Kevin Urbatsch

2013 December

“Tell me a story”

Even an appellate judge wants a good story with emotional appeal

Gary Simms

2013 December

Responding or replying to defendant’s post-trial motions

Practical ideas and techniques for responding to opposing counsel’s briefs

Norman Pine
Janet Gusdorff

2013 December

Annual Holiday Tech Gift & Buying Guide

What to buy, what not to buy, where to find the best deals, and what’s new this year

Michael Mortimer

2013 December

Protecting immigrant clients from having their cases undervalued

Immigration status should not interfere with a damages’ suit

Elinor Leary

2013 December

View from the Middle of the Road

Confessions of a successful mediator: How to get to yes

Bruce A. Friedman

2013 December

Profile: Bob Ingram

Never a dull moment for veteran trial lawyer

2013 December

Statements of decision: Vital to appeal

Without a statement of decision, your appeal may be doomed

Jay-Allen Eisen

2013 December

Appellate Reports and cases in brief

Cases of interest to members of the plaintiffs’ bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2013 December

All in the family

“Can you help me with a quick legal question?”

Miles B. Cooper

2013 December

Paper terrorism in your mailbox

Could an angry defendant come after you personally?

David Cook

2013 December

Obtaining review of discovery rulings

Commonly the only chance for correcting an erroneous discovery order is by writ of mandamus or prohibition

2013 December

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