2014 April

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Using the NLRA to enforce the rights of non-union employees

The steps to enforce the right to engage in protected activity under Section 7

Scott M. Stillman

2014 April

Class-action settlement principles to take with you into mediation

How much do they really pay? The details determine the true gross dollar value of employment settlements

Bryan Schwartz

2014 April

Maximizing emotional-distress damages in employment cases

An expert psychological witness lends credence to claims for emotional distress, in mediation as well as trial

Alexis McKenna

2014 April

Experts: Who you need and who you don’t

Going light on experts can cost you at trial; going heavy can cost you, too

William Karns

2014 April

To sub in or not to sub in

A review of the questions to be answered before you substitute in as plaintiff’s counsel

Michael Gatto

2014 April

“But I don’t want to settle”

When the client’s determination to go forward conflicts with his best interests or your pocketbook

Allison Fairchild

2014 April

Profile: Craig Peters

Trial lawyer makes transition from criminal defense look easy because he loves what he does

2014 April

Appellate Reports and cases in brief

Gulliver Schools, a cautionary tale about confidentiality clauses in settlement agreements

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2014 April

“Deserve’s got nothing to do with it”

Helping clients understand that what they need is not the same as what their cases are worth

Miles B. Cooper

2014 April

Wait! Is that supposed to be a material fact?

A refresher on the tedious journey through summary judgment in employment cases

Karine Bohbot and Elizabeth Riles

2014 April

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