2014 August

Articles in this issue:

Primer: Insurance law for every plaintiff’s attorney

Don’t be the bull in a china shop, litigating PI cases aggressively with no regard for the impact of insurance issues on your case

Edward Susolik

2014 August

Disclosure of policy limits to a UM/UIM arbitrator

Pros, cons and a solution that can protect both sides

Richard Phelps

2014 August

The increasing importance of mental health parity laws

State and federal laws require that mental and physical illnesses be treated equally, but getting the health insurer to comply can still be difficult

David Lilienstein
Alice J. Wolfson

2014 August

Food processing — A dangerous place to work

The machinery used to process food products may present products liability opportunities in addition to the WC remedy

Steven A. Kronenberg

2014 August

Appellate Reports and cases in brief

Recent opinions of the California Supreme Court, including Iskanian on employment arbitration and class-action waivers.

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2014 August

Chance favors the prepared

Making the Expedited Jury Trial (EJT) work requires cooperation from both sides of the aisle

Miles B. Cooper

2014 August

“Objection overruled” – The use of demonstrative exhibits in opening statement

A look at the authorities for using exhibits in your opening statement

Tom Brandi

2014 August

Profile: Jim Butler

Rebellious son of a plaintiffs’ lawyer finds his own way into the profession

2014 August

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