2014 July

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No more bike or pedestrian cases? Where do I sign up?

Vision Zero and the idea that we can do a better job for everyone on our streets by reducing fatalities and injuries

Miles B. Cooper

2014 July

Important to us, important for your clients

As more of us rely less upon cars for getting around town, the safety of cyclists and pedestrians becomes more of an issue

Maryanne B. Cooper
Miles B. Cooper

2014 July

Dynamics of cycling cases: from equipment to roadways

Questions you must ask and steps you must take to build the strongest case for the injured cyclist

Nathaniel Leeds

2014 July

The settlement drift

Has cultural lethargy invaded mediation? Why is there no sense of urgency?

Jeffrey Krivis

2014 July

The public entity case for the pedestrian and bicyclist

Dangerous conditions of public property cause many of the injuries to those on foot or bike

Casey A. Kaufman

2014 July

Break a leg: Analyzing vehicle-pedestrian collisions

Accurately reconstructing the accident requires collecting and preserving key evidence

John C. Gardiner
Check Y. Kam

2014 July

Profile: Craig Needham

Veteran trial lawyer maintains balance in his profession, in life and on the bike

2014 July

Appellate Reports and cases in brief

Cases of interest to members of the plaintiff’s bar

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2014 July

Proving the defect in a bicycle

Products liability can be the underlying cause of an accident

Matt Davis
Tamila Gresham

2014 July

The cyclist anti-harassment ordinance

A civil cause of action for cyclists harassed by motorists – and a $1,000 remedy in Los Angeles

Josh Cohen

2014 July

Walk like it’s safe

“They were not paying attention.” Using CACI 411 and a pedestrian’s reasonable expectation of safety

Jeremy Cloyd

2014 July

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