2014 March

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Forensic economics and the calculation of personal-injury damages

An overview of the role of the economic expert and some of today’s more controversial economic issues

James Mills

2014 March

What movie do you want to make?

Writing the script for your settlement the way a screenwriter creates a movie

Jeffrey Krivis

2014 March

Expanding course and scope: Employee intoxication

A fresh look at the employer’s liability for accidents due to drinking

Katherine Higgins

2014 March

Breaking new ground with the settlement documentary

Videos are not just for trial. Powerful storytelling can lead to a faster, better settlement

Keiko Feldman
Rob Feldman

2014 March

Appellate Reports

St. Mary offers clarity in responding to Requests for Admissions

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2014 March

Settling the “dangerous condition of public property” claim

How to maximize your chance of resolution during the first mediation session

Fred Carr

2014 March

The great helmet myth

Does the failure to wear a helmet automatically give rise to fault by your plaintiff?

Larry Booth

2014 March

Expert testimony that persuades

The expert can be persuasive if your direct allows him to simplify the complex and satisfy jurors’ curiosity

John P. Blumberg

2014 March

Treat them right

The joys and pitfalls of treating doctors

Miles B. Cooper

2014 March

Profile: Elise Sanguinetti

Knowing the importance of what she is doing gets the future president of CAOC through long days and nights

2014 March

The “Sharing Economy”

I take the money – you take the risk

Christopher Dolan

2014 March

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