2014 May

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Mediating motorcycle personal-injury and products-liability cases

Issues of comparative negligence typically abound when a motorcycle is involved

Dave Rudy

2014 May

Motor vehicle vs. domestic animal

Whether it’s a cow, horse, dog or chicken that crosses the roadway, here are the rules that apply

Andje Medina

2014 May

How to put some bite in your RFAs for personal-injury automobile cases

Done right, the Requests for Admission can box your defendant in and lead to recovery of costs and attorneys’ fees

Eric Gruber

2014 May

Preparing the plaintiff to be deposed in the automobile case

The defense basically asks the same old innocent sounding questions. Beware the traps

Steven P. Goldberg

2014 May

Profile: Julie Montgomery

Public-service attorney breaks new ground in social justice and workers’ rights

2014 May

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

New holdings on expert medical testimony in district courts and on the component-parts doctrine in state courts. Also, Ennabe v. Manosa discusses alcohol served at private parties.

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2014 May

Defense mental exams and plaintiff’s psychiatric diagnosis

What you must know before your plaintiff is exposed to the pain of a mental exam

Justine Durrell
Ronald B. Schwartz

2014 May

Making lemonade out of lemons

When the defense shows up without authority for a reasonable settlement, you can still make the day worthwhile

John Drath

2014 May

Safety concerns with the 21st century car

If you’re looking to automotive electronic defects as the cause of an accident, here is your starting place

Daniel Dell'Osso

2014 May

One day, one trial

Expedited jury trials – an underutilized tool in minor injury auto cases

Miles B. Cooper

2014 May

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