2014 October

Articles in this issue:

The 5 exceptions to the workers’ compensation exclusive remedy

Rules that every PI attorney must know to avoid inadequate compensation to injured workers

Kimberly Wong

2014 October

Making your client’s case into a compelling story

Telling the story to a jury is as simple as ABC: Ability, Brevity, and Credibility

Andrew Wiener

2014 October

What trial teaches us about discovery

How to analyze defendant’s motion in limine to exclude evidence not produced in discovery

Albert G. Stoll, Jr.

2014 October

Preparing your client to give a deposition that helps your case

Deposition is the opportunity for the client to “market” his case to the defense

Gary Roth
Eric Scott Ritigstein

2014 October

The negotiation campaign

President Obama got elected twice because of his messaging. What’s your mediation message?

Jeffrey Krivis

2014 October

Profile: Shaana Rahman

Trial lawyer pays her dues, makes her own success and shows others the way

2014 October

Appellate Reports and cases in brief

Patterson v. Domino’s Pizza — Franchisor tort responsibility where franchisor exhibits traditionally understood characteristics of an “employer”

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2014 October

Read it and weep

Inadvertent disclosure of privileged documents during discovery

Miles B. Cooper

2014 October

Forebearance: Buying time

Bisno may be an earthquake for judgment debtors, but if your plaintiff becomes a judgment creditor, take heed

David Cook

2014 October

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