2015 August

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Articles in this issue:

Sudden emergency

Handling illness, injury, or time away from your practice

Miles B. Cooper

2015 August

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Bermudez v. Ciolek Logical discussion of Howell issues concerning proof of medical expenses for an uninsured client

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2015 August

Food safety: Records help identify target defendants and trigger insurance coverage

How records from food manufacturers and the FDA can be used in cases involving foodborne illness

Steven A. Kronenberg

2015 August

Profile: James Nevin

Prolific asbestos trial lawyer became youngest member of ABOTA

2015 August

Liability insurance and catastrophic loss

A search for additional insurance of negligent parties

Lee S. Harris
Adrian Hern

2015 August

When reading the insurance policy is not enough

Why some insurance policy limitations and exclusions may not be enforceable

David Lilienstein
Jessica Cho

2015 August

When the insurer denies coverage and refuses to defend

A look at the process and the law of assignment, covenant and judgment for insurance claims

E. Gerard Mannion
Wesley Lowe
Demian Oksenendler

2015 August

Lawyers on disability

Even with a good individual disability policy, expect the carrier to look askance at a lawyer’s claim

Terrence J. Coleman

2015 August

Is insurer responsible for an excess judgment in absence of a policy-limit demand?

The courts have sent a mixed message, but here’s a look at what is clear today

Arnie Levinson

2015 August

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