2015 July

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Relax, I’m a professional

Understanding bicycling experts’ biases in the context of urban riding’s evolution

Miles B. Cooper

2015 July

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch Stores An employer may not make an applicant’s religious practice, confirmed or otherwise, a factor in employment decisions

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2015 July

Marijuana use and the civil jury trial

The rules you must know before evidence of marijuana use is put before the jury

Alan Van Gelder

2015 July

Profile: Mark Fong

Accomplished trial attorney, avid cyclist, relishes a diverse trial practice and says that to a client “you’re their knight…”

2015 July

Shaping liability in the driverless car era

Some say liability concerns could be a roadblock for driverless cars, stifling innovation

Christopher Dolan

2015 July

Fully investigating the car vs. pedestrian incident

When the primary defendant is underinsured, a thorough investigation of the accident scene can yield surprising evidence of negligence by other parties

Casey A. Kaufman

2015 July

A walker’s paradise−lost!

At least three pedestrians are hit by cars each day in San Francisco

Natalie Burdick

2015 July

Five tips on handling the adverse Traffic Collision Report in bicycle and pedestrian cases

The officer and the witness say in the TCR that your guy was at fault – but that doesn’t make it so

Greg Schaffer

2015 July

Humanizing the “cyclist”

Many potential jurors are not in our tribe and they bring anti-cyclist prejudices to the jury box

Nathaniel Leeds

2015 July

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