2015 November

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Have laptop – will travel

Using technology to maximize untethered productivity

Miles B. Cooper

2015 November

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

U.S. v. Moser holds that the reasons relied on by the district judge to cut the prevailing party’s fee award constituted an abuse of discretion

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2015 November

The medical expert witness in malpractice cases

A look at the strategy of deposing and examining medical experts

Bruce Fagel

2015 November

E-discovery for plaintiffs’ lawyers

Basic tools to uncover the evidence you need to win your case

Jayme L. Walker
Tilak Gupta

2015 November

Profile: William Green

“[Today], it really has to be a perfect storm of bad things happening in a case for it to go to trial.”

2015 November

Legal malpractice: Proving the case-within-a-case

The critical element of a legal malpractice action is causation. This requires that a plaintiff prove the case-within-a-case

David L. Winnett

2015 November

The Superheroes of Facts, Evidence and Logic enter the fray over legal malpractice protection in mediation

Laws that continue to protect attorney misconduct during mediation need to be changed

Nancy Neal Yeend

2015 November

Diversity: Making it more than just a buzzword

A plan for increasing diversity and the motivation for taking action

Shaana A. Rahman

2015 November

Post-Keys: Negligent infliction of emotional distress on bystanders to medical malpractice

In 1985 it took the tragic death of a teenager to bring about bystander NIED claims in medical malpractice cases; the recent Keys’ decision builds upon that foundation

Markus B. Willoughby

2015 November

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