2015 October

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Articles in this issue:

The exhibit’s the thing

A practical guide to organizing your exhibits

Miles B. Cooper

2015 October

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Lee v. Hanley articulates the rules governing the application of Code Civ. Proc., § 340.6, the statute of limitations for legal-malpractice claims

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2015 October

Profile: Todd Emanuel

A passion for the underdog fuels his practice as a plaintiff’s attorney just as it did in criminal defense. And if he talks about getting into a “boxing match,” you might want to take him literally “boxing match,” you might want to take him literally

2015 October

Five top quality ways to visually capture a scene for litigation

With so many ways to recreate a powerful scene for your case, where do you start?

Morgan C. Smith

2015 October

Mark your calendars for upcoming changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

December 1, 2015 matters if you practice in federal court, especially for discovery matters

Anne Marie Murphy
Celine Cutter

2015 October

Wrongful death: Don’t let your economist damage your damages argument

Even if present cash value calculations make your eyes glaze over, you need to understand the logic behind what you will present to a jury

Nathaniel Leeds

2015 October

Why become a judge pro tem?

JPTs perform a critical role in the new world of Discovery Law and Motion that has been born of declining court budgets

Chuck Geerhart
Michele R. Wolf

2015 October

Verdict for the defense: The end of the road, or just another speed bump?

A brief guide for determining when you should appeal a defense judgment (and when you shouldn’t)

Nicholas G. Emanuel

2015 October

Protecting first responders from abuse of the firefighter’s rule

To prevent the defense attorney from playing fast and loose with the firefighter’s rule, know the exceptions

Eustace de Saint Phalle
Joseph Lucia

2015 October

Construction site injuries: Strategies for defeating the Privette defense

Defense counsel will present Privette as a complete defense against civil liability. It is not.

Kimberly Wong

2015 October

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