2015 September

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Articles in this issue:

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Sanchez v. Valencia Holding Co. Decision by the California Supreme Court on the State’s power, in the wake of AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion to declare arbitration agreements unenforceable because they are unconscionable

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2015 September

The settlement drift

Mediation has drifted from the expectation of 25 years ago that it would be “the final act” in the litigation drama

Jeffrey Krivis

2015 September

Appellate mediation

An appealing prospect when you receive defendant’s notice of appeal

John Drath

2015 September

Profile: Steger Johnson

Veteran litigator and mediator takes a step back from a decorated, fast-paced career

2015 September

Five things mediators do that drive me crazy

Ill-chosen words and misguided actions can disturb the flow of negotiation... and don’t get me started on the empathy stuff

David Graulich

2015 September

Psychogeography and mediation

Where you sit at the table, the shape of that table and the temperature of the room can impact the outcome of the negotiation

Nancy Neal Yeend

2015 September

Pro tips for rising stars

You can avoid rookie mistakes in mediation

Hon. Lynn Duryee (Ret.)

2015 September

A mediation primer for the plaintiff’s attorney

Making your case stand out to the other side, and what to do when they ask you to dance

Bruce M. Brusavich

2015 September

Mediation confidentiality and insurance bad faith

Don’t let the law of mediation confidentiality keep your offer to settle out of evidence in a bad-faith action

Alexander F. Stuart

2015 September

The inherent conflict of interest in “Prevailing Party Attorney’s Fees” provisions

While a PPAFP does not strictly amount to a de jure “proprietary interest” in the litigation, it certainly has the characteristics of a de facto interest

Fred Carr

2015 September

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