2016 August

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The mediator’s proposal

Do you expect a proposal from the mediator? Is the proposal a tool, or a crutch?

Nancy Neal Yeend

2016 August

Prepare for trial, settle for top dollar at mediation

If you do not prepare and set up the case for trial, you cannot settle it for full value — or may not settle it at all

Laura F. Sedrish

2016 August

Pushing past impasse

Strategies for getting a stalled negotiation back on track

Jan Frankel Schau

2016 August

Mediation is a process – embrace it

How to analyze your mediation skills, style and needs

Dave Rudy

2016 August

Mediating a minor’s personal-injury claim

A look at the differences between a minor and an adult in both the law and the mediation process

Cynthia Pasternak

2016 August

The evolution of hunters and gatherers

Don’t mediate a case before it’s ready unless you’re willing to settle for less than it’s worth

Jeffrey Krivis

2016 August

Profile: Tom Paoli

The public defender was not hiring, so he threw himself into personal injury law and never looked back

2016 August

Appellate Reports

Ramos v. Brenntag Specialties, Inc. narrows the availability of the component parts doctrine in products-liability cases

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2016 August

“Make mediation great again!”

Strategy comes with experience, but even without experience there are rules you can follow for better results

John Drath

2016 August

Pick a winner

The right mediator makes the process go so much smoother

Miles B. Cooper

2016 August

Understanding cultural differences to mediate more effectively

Understanding cultural differences to mediate more effectively

Cultural diversity can create barriers to settlement, but they can be overcome

Randall Choy

2016 August

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