2016 February

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Articles in this issue:

Trial briefs and 402 hearings

Your last, best chance to get the judge to understand the factual and legal issues of your particular case

Daniel Y. Zohar

2016 February

My first trial: Long discovery avoids surprises in the courtroom

While it sometimes seems that discovery will never end, all of that information can add to your sense of preparedness for the trial

Clare Capaccioli Velasquez

2016 February

Jury selection: Strong personalities

Identifying the “poison” jurors and getting both the good and bad jurors talking

Robert Simon
Sevy Fisher

2016 February

Behind the Ethicon Endo-Surgery $70 million punitive damages award

What it takes to try a products liability case without the defective product

Nina Shapirshteyn

2016 February

New rights for employees and requirements for employers in 2016

A summary of the most significant and some of the more interesting laws that will impact employees and their employers

Amanda L. Riddle
Jennifer E. McGuire

2016 February

“Law as theater” in California employment cases

“Law as theater” in California employment cases

Using demonstrative evidence, with actors, in employment cases that are difficult to prove

Melanie D. Popper

2016 February

Fifty shades of employment

Personal injury meets course-and-scope-of-employment and independent contractor issues

Craig Peters

2016 February

The “Attorney-Expert” work product protection under the federal rules

How courts have interpreted the amendments over the past five years under various scenarios

Brian J. Malloy

2016 February

Lessons from trials with minimal medical treatment

Tips and techniques for pushing back on the defense of “minor impact, no injury”

Jonathan Howell

2016 February

Profile: Mike Kelly

Tells new lawyers, “It’s not about you…it’s always about the client.”

2016 February

Making certain your demonstrative evidence is admitted

The steps you must take to be certain your often costly demonstrative evidence is presented to the jury

Eustace de Saint Phalle

2016 February

So this is what the courthouse looks like

Get the lay of the land well before trial call

Miles B. Cooper

2016 February

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