2016 January

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Articles in this issue:

Spotting FLSA & California overtime exemption violations

Who is classified as exempt from overtime and how to spot misclassification by employers

Jahan Sagafi

2016 January

Employment class action: The year 2015 in review

A year of perseverance and creativity by plaintiffs’ counsel

Cristina Molteni

2016 January

Evaluation of business losses as damages

The valuation of a small business is often difficult, particularly if the business shows a loss on its income taxes

Nathaniel Leeds

2016 January

Ethical issues in developing a class or collective case

Common questions in the early stages of class cases and the applicable ethical rules

William C. Jhaveri-Weeks
Megan E. Ryan

2016 January

Web privacy litigation – Where is it heading?

Google and Facebook may know more about us than we want them to, but have they violated any privacy laws?

Ara Jabagchourian

2016 January

Profile: Micha Star Liberty

Full-fledged advocate with a busy practice bucks the stereotypes, still manages to find balance in her life

2016 January

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

Assumption of Risk: If you go to a haunted house, expect to be scared (Griffin v. The Haunted Hotel, Inc.)

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2016 January

Not on the Roster

Traps for the unwary in government-claim land and the Roster of Public Agencies

Miles B. Cooper

2016 January

Tesla achieves best safety ratings ever with engineering, not gimmicks

The gold standard for products liability law is technological feasibility, and Tesla gives us proof of what manufacturers are capable of in auto safety

Larry Booth

2016 January

Consumer Financial Protection Board considering important rule on arbitration agreements

Agency plans to propose a rule to prevent arbitration clauses in consumer financial contracts from blocking class-action litigation

F. Paul Bland, Jr.
Gabriel Hopkins

2016 January

Multidistrict Litigation consolidation: Pros and cons

MDL has commonalities of purpose with the class action, but they are quite different in practice

Rachel Abrams

2016 January

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