2016 July

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The auto-overtaking-bicyclist case and the Three Feet for Safety Act

The auto-overtaking-bicyclist case and the Three Feet for Safety Act

Is it negligence per se or do the circumstances matter when the overtaking auto causes an accident with a cyclist?

Nestor Schnasse

2016 July

Stop networking and start community building

Building a supporting network for your personal brand is critical to marketing your legal services

Traci Stuart

2016 July

Speed kills

The road to stopping pedestrian fatalities begins with the speed limit

Shaana A. Rahman

2016 July

Voir dire in a bicycle case

The quest for understanding and common ground is not easy; jurors may harbor strong feelings about bicycles sharing the road with cars

Artemis H. Malekpour

2016 July

Building settlements in construction-defect cases

Passing the buck is the usual defense strategy, and a special master may be needed to steer these cases towards settlement

2016 July

Helmets and head-impact protection

A primer on the most relevant issues for head-injury and helmet investigations

Craig Good

2016 July

Profile: Matthew Davis

Avid cyclist and bicycling advocate steered his way from the City Attorney’s Office to a partnership at the Walkup firm

2016 July

The road more traveled

Shifting the driver-centric focus in disputed-liability bike and pedestrian cases

Miles B. Cooper

2016 July

Pursuing insurance agents and brokers for professional negligence

These can be difficult cases, but there are scenarios in which they are viable

Michael L. Cohen
Heather M. McKeon

2016 July

It is time to harmonize the UM Statute with the Three Feet for Safety Act

Bicyclists injured by cars need the security of UM coverage, but they don’t need the physical-contact test

Josh Cohen

2016 July

Anatomy of a scaffolding case

Liability often focuses on witnesses to prove why the scaffolding failed

Jeremy Cloyd

2016 July

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