2016 June

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Articles in this issue:

Don’t throw me in the briar patch!

Opposing summary judgment helps ready a case for trial

Miles B. Cooper

2016 June

Appellate Reports

Flores v. Presbyterian − Negligent use/maintenance of certain medical equipment is subject to MICRA limitations

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2016 June

Defendants hiding behind privilege in employment litigation

Overcoming bogus privilege objections – one at a time

Eduard Meleshinsky

2016 June

Tip of the iceberg: Tip skimming is an underreported problem

Class actions may arise out of management skimming off all or part of tips left for service employees

Steven A. Kronenberg

2016 June

Browning-Ferris and joint-employer issues before the NLRB

An examination of the National Labor Relations Board’s new standard – which may apply to 40 percent of the U.S. workforce

Lisa P. Mak
Aron K. Liang

2016 June

Profiles: Lori Andrus and Jennie Anderson

Since meeting as associates at Lieff Cabraser, the two women have become masters of class actions

2016 June

Establishing liability for discrimination or harassment by a supervisor

New California laws establish training requirements for supervisors in issues of discrimination and harassment

Karine Bohbot and Elizabeth Riles

2016 June

Anita Hill: 25 years later

Sexual harassment was recognized in 1986 as a form of sex discrimination, yet the battle still rages, even in as unlikely a place as UC Berkeley

Alexis McKenna

2016 June

Feminist firms and the pursuit of happiness for lawyer parents

A new law-practice model to solve the time-commitment issue and retain female attorneys who are raising families

2016 June

Employment claims arising out of California leave-laws violations

California law – some of it new – provides many protections for employees who require a leave of absence

P. Bobby Shukla
Stephen M. Murphy

2016 June

Disability discrimination

The most popular employment-discrimination claim in California

Kelly Armstrong
Matthew J. Wayne

2016 June

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