2016 March

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Articles in this issue:

Why women attorneys are healthier than men

The law can be an isolating profession – even more of a reason for friends as social safety nets

Nancy Neal Yeend

2016 March

Settlement of PAGA cases

PAGA: Still an effective way to address labor code violations as traditional wage-and-hour class actions become more rare

Dave Rudy

2016 March

Where have all the idealists gone? Long time passing

An essay on the future of mediation – and a look at its past

Jeffrey Krivis

2016 March

Investigating and pursuing RCFE elder abuse and neglect cases

Reporting is the first step in successfully prosecuting

George Kindley

2016 March

“My boss is telling lies about me! Can I sue?”

“My boss is telling lies about me! Can I sue?”

Evaluating an employee’s claim of defamation against an employer

John Kelley

2016 March

Our jurors: Giving them respect and honesty

A trial attorney’s observations from the jury box

Katherine Higgins

2016 March

Profile: Anne Marie Murphy

She made the transition from defense, enjoyed some early success and never looked back

2016 March

Appellate Reports and Cases in Brief

A health plan’s right to reimbursement for “other equitable relief” under ERISA is limited to specific, identifiable funds within the beneficiary’s control

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2016 March

Large verdict highlights failings of Prop. 213: Briones v. Zink

The recovery of general damages by the driver of an uninsured vehicle when struck by a drunk driver

Christopher Dolan

2016 March

Rationally irrational

How rational case decisions can lead to irrational outcomes

Miles B. Cooper

2016 March

Video evidence: Finding it, securing it and getting it admitted

Video evidence is gold in personal injury cases; make certain you turn over every stone to find it

Josh Cohen

2016 March

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