2016 May

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Surveillance-camera video in traffic-collision reconstruction

Surveillance cameras are everywhere in commerical districts, and their video can be useful when accidents occur in nearby traffic lanes – but act fast!

Kurt D. Weiss

2016 May

Persuasive legal writing succeeds when you help the reader

Tips to get your brief read (“by the Court” is implied – you don’t need it)

Ted Pelletier

2016 May

The medical-emergency defense

Defendants try to avoid liability by claiming a “medical emergency” caused them to lose control

Brian J. Panish
David Rudorfer

2016 May

Cross examining the biomechanics expert in a “minor impact” trial

When the defense is disputing causation, this is the expert you have to discredit

Spencer Lucas

2016 May

Profile: Kristine Meredith

She not only loves researching the facts, but knows how to make them understandable to a jury

2016 May

Appellate Reports

Tyson Foods v. Bouaphakeo — The U.S Supreme Court allows statistical evidence to fill evidentiary gaps in class actions

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich

2016 May

I’ve got a CACI jones

Using jury instructions for more than just instructing juries

Miles B. Cooper

2016 May

Litigation financing: Risk vs. reward

Litigation financing: Risk vs. reward

Necessity is the mother of a litigation loan. Be smart about it and read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line for a loan

David Cook

2016 May

Trauma and PTSD: Theory and treatment

Before you ask a jury to award damages for PTSD or other emotional distress, you should understand the basics of trauma

Tracy Artson, Ph.D.

2016 May

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