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An opportunity to have case-specific questions answered at no charge

Althea T. Kippes
2010 July

One of the most difficult things for plaintiffs’ lawyers is finding time to attend continuing legal education programs, making webinars a popular option. While many legal associations provide webinars targeted towards plaintiffs’ lawyers, the prices of these programs are certainly not bargains and many plaintiffs’ attorneys find themselves passing up these learning opportunities based on budget constraints.

We’ve found one practical and useful source of legal education that’s available at no cost! Earlier this year, the TASA Group (Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys) launched a free webinar series for attorneys. The TASA Group pioneered the expert referral service model in 1956 and provides experts to legal, insurance, business and law enforcement professionals. (Full disclosure: They are an occasional advertiser in this magazine, but were neither promised this article nor did they pay for it.)

Each month, several different one-hour webinars are offered to attorneys.  The free webinars are led by TASA’s experts and provide an excellent overview of the issues that can arise in specialized areas of litigation such as playground safety, med-legal considerations in burn injuries and pedestrian v. motor vehicle accidents. Not only are these webinars useful for attorneys handling specific cases, they are extremely helpful as an introduction to the subject matter for law students and new lawyers.

The live webinars are also interactive. Attorneys participating in the webinars can send questions to the speaker before the webinar or during the webinar via instant message. Matt Hyde, Director of TASA’s Business Development and Client Services and webinar moderator explained,

“During the question and answer sessions, which occur during each webinar, we encourage an open interaction between experts and attorneys. We have found that attorneys truly value these exchanges.”

All of the webinars are recorded and you can access them at any time.

To access this free, valuable resource, visit and click the “Knowledge Center” dropdown in the top navigation bar, then click “Webinars,” followed by “Resources for Attorneys.” There you will find the list of webinar titles along with links to the archived recordings.

If you want to sign up for TASA’s e-mail list and be notified of upcoming webinars, you can do that on the website as well. 

Topics of Expert Witness Webinars

•  Commercial Motor Vehicle Wrecks (CMV): The First 24 Hours

•  Issues in Vertical Transportation Litigation

•  How to Lower Liability in Nightclubs, Bars and Concert Facilities

•  Small Business Lending

•  High Liability Issues with the Management of Special Needs Students

•  Three High Liability Issues with Student Transportation

•  Burns, Medico-Legal Considerations

•  Playground Safety—Investigation Perspectives from an Expert Witness

•  Strategies for Calculating Future Medical Costs

•  Pedestrian and Motorcycle Accident

•  Investigation for Attorneys

•  Predatory Lending

•  School Safety: Five High Liability Issues for Public Schools

•  High Liability Problems in the Safe Management of Nightclubs, Bars, Outdoor Entertainment Facilities, and Arenas

•  Motor Vehicle Product Liability

•  Weight Loss Drugs and Dietary Supplements: Labeling, Marketing and Usage

•  Tractor-Trailer Investigation/Reconstructions for Attorneys

•  Pitfalls in Construction Contracts

•  Pedestrian Accidents Reconstruction

Althea T. Kippes Althea T. Kippes

Bio as of January 2008:

A. T. Kippes is a graduate of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and Golden Gate University School of Law. She focuses her practice on competitive employment litigation, non-compete issues, and animal law. Ms. Kippes assists businesses, corporations, partnerships, and individuals with   successfully resolving business and employment-related conflicts.

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